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Neta Group is a global provider of transportation and logistics solutions.
From our headquarters in Istanbul, We operate a large distribution network and hub in our region , which is located in the geographic center of the continents of Europe, Africa and Asia.


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We Provide Logistics Solutions and Value-Added Services to 5 Continents!

Neta Logistics is an organization formed by employees who have determined road freight transportation as a specialty area. Our main aim is; While engaging in a commercial activity, we should not forget that we are from Netalog and make the brand value superior to any commercial revenues.

We constantly develop our logistic history, looking broadly from tradition to the future and continue to grow according to the demands of the times and adding new happy customers to our portfolio.

Value of the Brand

As President of Netalogistics one of the core values I instill in all my teammates is the passion to serve in a manner worthy of the brand value.

Commitment to service

I am committed to the continuous improvement of the service and I invite you to experience the difference in road transport with Netalogistics together



Erdinç KELEŞ

President and Manager


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What Makes us Special

As a group company, Neta Logistics has achieved an extensive logistics network all over the world. What is more difficult than achieving such a success is to make it permanent and turn it into a standard. Neta Logistics has made its superior service approach an accessible standard for all customers.

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Our Aim

is to be an active and efficient logistics service provider on both traditional and modern commercial ways.

Our values

Neta Group, has made loyalty, transparency, responsibility and 101% customer satisfaction its guiding principles, is close to achieving its goals as a proactive logistics company built on knowledge, skills and innovation consistent with the needs of the digital age.

Cultural compatibility

As Neta Logistics, one of our most sensitive points is to provide service with a team of different nationalities. Especially in our international business, a teammate who knows the point/region where you want to send your cargo will support you. Planning with a team that knows the target point always yields more beneficial results. Neta Logistics customer team can appeal to every culture with customer support in 4 languages and provide full support to its customers, especially in international operations.



At Neta Logistics, being a team is a company tradition. While creating the transportation plan, we discuss every detail with our customers and determine the net plan together. Enjoy quality transportation while experiencing the safest, most affordable and fastest transportation under the leadership of Neta Lojistik!


Authorized and official service

As Neta Group of Companies, we provide services in all areas we work with officially valid national and international certificates and licenses. You will feel the confidence of working with a team that is specialized and approved by the necessary authorities in all the business areas we undertake. You can review the documents of our group of companies on our website.


Integrated Solutions

As Neta Logistics team, we look at what we do holistically. When our customers need other transportation networks or extra services besides road transportation, we quickly offer an integrated solution within our group of companies. Thanks to our extensive logistics and warehousing network, we contact all your needs from end to end and realize the most appropriate transfer.


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Online Services

As Netalogistics, we don't just use the latest technologies; we are working to develop new digital products that will revolutionize the logistics sector. We are committed to implementing solutions that will appeal not only to domestic logistics companies, but also to those from around the world.

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