Projects Transport

Projects Transport

The transportation of heavy machinery or equipment from production facilities in the energy, mining, construction, aerospace, refinery, and petrochemical manufacturing sectors necessitates a meticulous engineering assessment to determine the most expedient and low-risk method for conveying materials from the point of origin to the final destination. This rigorous process, commonly referred to as "project transportation," entails the transfer of bulky components via a variety of transportation modes, accompanied by comprehensive engineering studies of the designated transport route.

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The transportation of project cargo poses significant challenges within the logistics industry, representing the most complex modality in the field. Given the movement of large and extremely valuable materials within narrow time windows, it is crucial to conduct detailed studies and meticulously manage all related processes.

The key to achieving a successful project transportation outcome is to enact a systematic and intelligent planning approach from the outset. By doing so, any unnecessary costs likely to arise during the transportation process can be eliminated before transport commences, thus enabling a more fluid process overall.

In this process, Neta Logistics implements the following steps based on the information received from our valued customers.

• Examine the entire load in detail and carry out a load portability analysis.

• Materials with the largest weights and dimensions are determined.

• Based on the volume of materials, an evaluation of the route will be made both in the country of production of the goods and in the countries along the way and in the country of destination; subsequently, the portability of the goods is communicated to the customer.

• Nelle trattative in corso con il cliente, è richiesto di modificare il design dei materiali che presentano problemi di trasporto, se necessario.

• Viene esaminata la possibilità di realizzare la data di consegna richiesta dal cliente. A causa dei cambiamenti nelle regole di sdoganamento e nei processi di sdoganamento di ciascun paese, peró si assicura la corretta gestione del progetto guidando il cliente nella direzione dei tempi tecnici di consegna.

• Export or import procedures are controlled in detail.

• The entire process will be managed correctly, with detailed studies to be carried out from the start of the project and maintaining constant communication with the client, providing an immediate flow of information.

• The addresses where the goods will be loaded and delivered are visited at short intervals and it is checked whether the necessary arrangements have been made in the loading/unloading areas. Compliance checks are carried out on site and in order to minimize problems that may occur during loading / unloading, communication with the customer is constant.

All the services provided here will be repeated in the same way in the recipient's country by changing the order. One element that is skipped or missing during the entire process can delay or jeopardize the entire project. For this reason, it is essential to remain in constant communication with all relevant companies/authorities throughout the process and to ensure continuous controls. Teamwork is a very important factor in these processes.

Taking into account the nature of the project loads to be transported, as well as the unique characteristics required by individual customer facilities, it is essential to employ a bespoke approach to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of non-substitutable materials. Recognizing this vital need for a fast, comprehensive, and secure transport solution, Neta Logistics has prioritized project cargo as a key area of focus within its transportation services.

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