Our Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics

1. Integrity

Integrity and honesty are our primary values in all our business processes and relationships. We act with integrity and honesty in our dealings with our employees and all of our stakeholders.

2. Privacy

Confidential and proprietary information; It covers information belonging to the Neta group of companies that may create a competitive disadvantage, like trade or financial secrets and other information that have not yet been disclosed to the public, information on the private rights of personnel and information coverd by  the " confidentiality agreements " concluded with third parties.

As employees of the Neta Group of Companies, we take care to protect the privacy and private information of our customers, employees and other relevant individuals and organizations we work with. We protect confidential information relating to the activities of the Group  of Companies and use such information only for the purposes of the Neta Group Companies. We share this information only with the individuals concerned or within certain Bodies.

It is absolutely unacceptable for us to obtain any business interest (including buying and selling shares from stock markets) by leaking confidential information belonging to the Neta Group of companies. When we leave the workplace, we do not let anything out regarding information, confidential documents, projects, regulations, etc.

3. Conflict of interest

As employees of Neta Group of Companies, we aim to stay clear of conflicts of interest. Carrying our  our current mission, we do not personally benefit from individuals and organizations with whom we do business, personally, through our family or relatives. We do not conduct any business based on an additional financial interest other than Neta Group companies. We avoid using Neta's name and power, our identity tied to Neta for personal gain.

In the event of a potential conflict of interest, we ensure that the interests of the parties can be protected safely, through legal and ethical methods. If in doubt, we consult our manager, the Human Resources Department or the Ethics Committee.

4. Our Responsibilities

In addition to our legal responsibilities, we take care to fulfill the responsibilities listed below to our customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and business partners, our competitors, society, mankind, and on behalf of Neta.

• Our legal responsibilities

All our current activities and transactions at home and abroad are governed by the law of the Republic of Turkey and International Law by timely providing accurate, complete and understandable information to legal regulatory institutions and organizations.

While carrying out all our activities and transactions, we keep an equal distance from all kinds of public institutions and organizations, administrative formations, non-governmental organizations and political parties without any expectation of benefit, and we fulfill our obligations with this sense of responsibility.

Our responsibilities to our customers

We work focusing on customer satisfaction and responding to the needs and requests of our customers with a proactive approach in the shortest time and in the most correct way. We offer our services on time and under the conditions we have promised, we address our clients within the framework of the rules of respect, honour, justice, equality and courtesy.

• Our responsibilities to employees

We ensure that employees' personal rights are fully and properly used. We treat our employees honestly and fairly and are committed to a non-discriminatory, safe and healthy work environment. We do all the necessary for the personal development of our employees, support them in volunteering for social and civic activities that are appropriate to social responsibility and observe work-life balance.

• Our responsibilities to our partners

By prioritizing the continuity within the Neta Group companies and in line with the task of creating value for our partners, we avoid taking unnecessary or unmanageable risks and aim for sustainable profitability. We act within the framework of financial discipline and accountability; we manage our company's resources and assets, as well as our working hours, with awareness of efficiency and savings. We are committed to increasing our competitiveness and investing in areas that have growth potential and will provide the greatest return on the connected asset. In our public statements and to our shareholders, we provide timely, accurate, complete and understandable information about our financial statements, strategies, investments and risk profile.

Our responsibilities to our suppliers/business partners

We deal fairly and respectfully, as it is expected from a good client and we show due diligence in  fulfilling our obligations on time. We carefully protect the confidential information of the people, the organizations we do business with and our  business partners.

• Our responsibilities to our competitors

We compete effectively only in legal and ethical areas, avoiding unfair competition.

We support efforts to ensure a competitive and purposeful structure in society.

• Our responsibilities to society and humanity

We attach great importance to the protection of democracy, human rights and the environment; education and charity work, the eradication of crime and corruption. By the will of being good citizens, we act sensitively as social pioneers. We try to play a role in non-governmental organizations, public interest services and appropriate activities on these issues. We are sensitive to the traditions and cultures of Turkey and the countries where we undertake international projects. We do not offer or accept bribes, gifts, etc. beyond our purposes. No discrimination of religion, language or ethnic origin is made in the Neta Group of Companies.

Our Responsibilities to "Neta".

Our business partners, customers and other interested parties trust us for our professional competence and integrity. We try to preserve this reputation at the highest level.

We deliver our services within the framework of company policies, professional standards, ethical commitments and rules, and we demonstrate the necessary  dedication to fulfill our obligations.

We are committed in providing services in areas where we believe we can always be professionally competent and we choose to work with clients, business partners and employees who meet the same criteria of accuracy and legitimacy. We do not work with those who damage the morality of society and harm the environment or public health.

In public or in public areas where we are supposed to speak on behalf of our companies, we only express our company's views, not our own.

When we encounter complex situations that may put Group Companies at risk, we first consult the appropriate personnel, following the correct technical and administrative consultancy procedures.