The storage service is a vital component that enhances the value of road transport. It involves the meticulous preparation of received loads for future shipment to designated destinations following a designated storage period. This integral part of road freight transport ensures efficient logistics and seamless delivery to specific points.

At Neta Logistics, we do not consider a load as a simple transfer from one place to another, but we tackle the entire process from start to finish. In this context, we meet our customers' storage needs in state-of-the-art facilities.

Storage in air freight is the generic name for more than areas of activity. These areas of activity are generally the following; receiving, storing, counting, collecting, checking and shipping.

Airfreight storage services offer considerable added value for companies:

 Reduced shipping time

 Ability to respond to urgent needs

 Secure packaging and labelling

 High level of security and low risk of error

 Product-specific service

 Easy stock management

The elements listed above can be indicated as the most important of these added values.

How does Neta Logistics manage warehousing processes?

Neta Logistics sees the storage processes in air freight as a fundamental part of the entire transport. We also apply this perspective to the entire transport process; we work to achieve a perfect whole by building each piece to a perfect level.

We are aware that we conduct a giant orchestra! Using each instrument effectively, we compose the perfect music for you.

Based on our customers' needs, we offer customised product storage and shipping options. Thanks to our sales staff who maintain constant and direct communication, our customers benefit from our secure storage and shipping service.

In our depots, we only operate with trained, experienced and professional staff to ensure greater security.

Our warehouses can be used to store general goods, loads containing dangerous goods or perishable goods. Depending on the content of your goods package, our team of experts is at your service.