Sectorial Solutions

Sectorial Solutions

Neta Logistics continues to work as a leading company in the road transport of goods. As a group of companies, Neta provides solutions designed for particular sectors such as dangerous goods, chemical, SME, fresh food, medical, automotive and textile.

As Neta Group, we adopt full professionalism in every field in we serve. We carefully approach important commercial gains and activities that directly affect living beings. For this reason, we work with trained and experienced employees in all areas of expertise.

We don't simply transport products. Instead, we take a full-service approach, planning and organizing every aspect of the process with our partners in mind. We offer industry solutions that add value in all areas, including product supply, packaging, warehousing, intermediate transport, customs procedures, yard support, and safety. In addition, we take care of risk and inventory management to ensure a smooth, efficient, and worry-free experience for our clients.

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