Express Cargo

Express Cargo

International road transport is one of the most used methods of transport and it is highly preferred because it can provide access to every point in the world. Freight transport by road, , though can be exposed to certain transfers and delays. Some of these may cause problems in some business lines and types of cargo: e.g. for a product sample that needs to be produced compellingly they could lead to irreparable results. The problems that could arise at ports, customs or during the transfer could prevent the urgency labelled product to arrive at the desired destination at the requested time.

Delays can occur for various reasons, and the process of picking and bundling shipments is often a contributing factor. While the collection times for shipments and the completion of other goods typically follow standard procedures, the handling of products subject to these procedures can occasionally be subject to delays caused by high volume movements.

For all these and other similar reasons, Neta Logistics offers the Express Cargo solution for road freight transportation.

Neta Logistics Express Cargo Service

Working as a group of companies, Neta Logistics aims to deliver your cargo to its destination in the fastest and safest way.

What Neta Logistics offers in the Express Cargo package:

• Cargoes are received from the customer's warehouse via a dedicated courier vehicle. In this way, the parcels do not have to undergo further waiting and leave for their destination quickly.

• If there is an obligation to transfer goods to the final destination, it is ensured that the goods are shipped in the fastest way without waiting at the transfer points. This takes the hassle out of the transfer process, which otherwise would take days.

  • • The express goods, once the general transportation is completed, are delivered to the final destination by special courier, specifically arranged for the customer.

Thanks to all these special processes of Neta Logistics, your cargo is delivered to any part of the world in the fastest and safest way.

Serving with a special team in Express Cargo transactions, Neta Logistics is dedicated to developing new methods to deliver faster. In this context, our efforts continue for more efficient deliveries, especially for perishable and high-value products.


Our team for the analysis of customer requests, has implemented a faster service for the shipments not subject to customs. Thanks to this service, which we call Express Cargo Extra, products like project models, tender documents, parts with no commercial value, special samples, etc. are delivered to destination very quickly.

Neta Logistics provides the following services in the Express Cargo Extra package:

• Cargoes are received at the customer's door by a dedicated courier.

• A travel plan is created with the fastest flight to the closest airport to the cargo destination address.

• In our Express Cargo Extra service, customer shipments are handled by a Netavion teammate.

• Our agent, who checks the landing freights at the destination airport, quickly delivers the goods to the final address.

In this way many of the problems that may arise are prevented and the fastest delivery is guaranteed, accompanied by a constantly interested employee.

As with all services, Neta Logistics works diligently in the Express Cargo service and offers extra services. To deliver your cargo to all parts of the world without damage and quickly, you can contact our team by phone by clicking here or you can reach us by email from here.