Career Management

Career Management

Throughout history, effective career management has been the most crucial topic in HR for both employers and employees alike. The primary duty of HR is to ensure the right person is in the appropriate position. We meticulously and precisely examine the entire planning process for both promotions and lateral moves within our Group. Through our performance management and evaluation system, we ensure our planning and management process is proportional with personal development, satisfaction and motivation for our employees to be always guaranteed, in accordance with the principle of "equality" and any increasing rights.


Our group, which we shall refer to as "We", attains this by fostering solidarity and trust within the workplace. In line with our belief that "The key to success is always the human being", we persevere, mindful of the values of our employees and the additional value they bring.

To be in Neta is to embody where ideas are cherished. It is success that comes from the joy of sharing, honestly, within the framework of moral values in both manager-employee and employee-employee relationships. Our company is the ideal destination for those seeking to commence and advance their careers with propriety and justice.