Job Security

Job Security

It has top priority in all of our activities and prerequisite for every job we do.

Base Principles:

• Adopt preventive and corrective approaches.

• Ensure the participation of all levels of our organization and our stakeholders in order to improve our performance.

• Create a culture of safety at work and make this culture a way of life.

• Eliminate dangerous situations and dangerous behaviors for a safe working environment.

1. At this stage, it is an important criterion to analyze the root cause of work injuries and disseminate the countermeasures found in similar areas.

2. The main criterion is risk analysis. Further to that, the visual management (also including) some legal warnings), the management and training of the operators. of suppliers and the elimination of possible risks linked with unplanned work  (such as maintenance, are important activities in this phase).

3. To Provide site inspections and occupational safety patrols by top management. These works contribute significantly to the development of a superior management culture as a role model.