Cross Shipping

Cross Shipping

Cross-docking points function as transfer points, not literally warehouses where products are stored.

In these facilities the incoming product flow is synchronized with the outgoing product flow to avoid product inventory.

In cross storage and shipping, there are only the operations of receiving, storing and shipping goods. In cross docking warehouses, products can be stored for up to 24 hours.

Neta Group aims to minimize the logistics expenses of its customers while providing cross-docking solutions and providing the highest quality service.

Integrated logistics with a large customer base

Neta Group has a large network of customers thanks to its many years of experience. Our management team, which organizes customer networks to create mutually beneficial networks of relationships, has managed to minimize the costs of the customers it provides cross-docking services.

In Neta Group's cross-transport warehouses, parcels can be conveyed as groupage, providing numerous benefits. This streamlined approach not only eliminates potential hour-long wait times, but also empowers our customers operating within similar regions to plan and execute logistics activities at lower costs.

Fast market network support

Neta Group provides market network support for its customers who need similar services while operating in different sectors. We are grouping companies that work by cross shipping with their rapid-consumption goods and connecting them with other companies who have similar products in their inventory. To expand business volumes and foster productive business partnerships, we group service areas following periodic analyses, and pair them with regions of corresponding need identified through similar evaluations. By facilitating connections between industry representatives in these areas, we enable seamless coordination of business management - resulting in mutually beneficial outcomes for all parties involved.

Neta Group offers all these solutions free of charge to its  regular customers.

Cross-Shipping with advanced management network and professional team

While the total cross-docking time for a load or shipment does not exceed 24 hours, it is critical and demanding professional work.

Even a minor malfunction during cross-docking processes can trigger a chain reaction, leading to significant problems. In such scenarios, swift decision-making and experienced personnel who can anticipate the impact of each choice are essential. However, not all companies have the resources or capability to assemble and manage such a team.

Companies and manufacturers prefer to allocate labor and costs to the core areas of their business, instead of allocating to service areas such as cross-docking.

Neta Group, which is an expert in its field and has experience in many business processes. They provides cross-docking services with professional teams and continue to expand their customers’ network with the fastest, most integrate and most appropriate price according to the service.

To take advantage of the added value that cross-docking will add to you and your business, or to obtain more information on Neta Group's cross-docking management, you can contact our customer information service from our Contact section.