The transfer of large machines or units from energy, mining, construction, aerospace, refineries and petrochemical production plants requires a detailed technical analysis to decide how to transport materials with minimum risk and as quickly as possible, from the point of production to the point of delivery. We call project transport the handling of heavy and oversized parts, using all types of transport models and carrying out engineering studies on the designated route.

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Project cargo transport is the most complicated transport mode in the logistics sector. In this mode, because very large and high-value materials are transported in a limited time, very detailed studies must be carried out and processes must be very well managed.

To successfully transport projects, it is essential to do intelligent planning from the very beginning. In this way, many extra costs incurred during the transport process will be eliminated before transport begins.

In this process, Neta Logistics implements the following steps based on information received from our valued customers..

- It examines the entire load in detail and makes an analysis of the load's portability.

- The materials with the largest weights and dimensions are determined.

-Based on the volume of materials, a route assessment is made on the country of production of the goods and the countries along the route and the country of destination; the customer is then informed of the portability of the goods.

- In the ongoing negotiations with the customer, it is requested to change the design of materials that present transport problems, if necessary.

- The possibility of realising the delivery date requested by the customer is examined. Due to changes in customs clearance rules and processes in each country, however, proper project management is ensured by guiding the customer in the direction of technical delivery times.

- Export or import procedures are controlled in detail.

- The entire process is managed correctly, with detailed studies being carried out from the beginning of the project and constant communication with the customer, providing an immediate flow of information.

- The addresses where the goods will be loaded and delivered are visited at short intervals and it is checked whether the necessary arrangements have been made in the loading/unloading areas. Compliance checks are carried out on site and in order to minimise problems that may occur during loading/unloading, communication with the customer is constant.

All services provided here will be repeated in the same way in the recipient's country by changing the order. A skipped or missing element during the entire process can delay or jeopardise the entire project. For this reason, it is essential to remain in constant communication with all relevant companies/authorities throughout the process and to ensure continuous controls. Teamwork is a very important factor in these processes.

Considering the content of the project cargo transported and the projects in which it will take place, as each customer orders a machine or unit with different and specific characteristics for their facility and a non-substitutable material is produced in this direction, to ensure that it is transported in the 'fastest, most intact and safest' way, project cargo is Neta Logistics' most important destination, which also transports it.

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