Intermodal transport means that cargo is delivered to more than one point and in more than one type of vehicle without making any changes to the goods themselves. Intermodal transport has certain advantages;• Essere rispettosi dell'ambiente, riducendo le emissioni di anidride carbonica

 Reducing noise pollution.

 Informing our customers of a clearer delivery time

 Being a more financially suitable model

 Providing flexibility in short-distance transport

‘NETA LOGISTICS adopts an environment-friendly transport approach.’’

The railway option is to be preferred when transporting the product/goods because it is the least damaging of all other types of transport with an emission rate of 0.4 % (diesel). In this case, for example, if considering a goods route of 2000 kilometres the 200-kilometre part is transported by road and then transferred to rail for the remaining 1800 kilometres, the damage to the environment will be significantly reduced.

Neta Logistics, with its extensive agency and other service providers, has the capacity to utilise the intermodal transport system extremely effectively and has worked flat out since day one to provide the best service to its customers with its expertise.

''It is not our burden, it is our job. ''

Neta Logistics also assumes the duty to protect its customers in order to avoid any problems during the transport of the goods, assuming that the goods are its property, and detecting any problems that may arise, so it eliminates all such problems before the start of the journey.

Intermodal transport is a transport method that reduces fuel consumption to minimal levels, unlike conventional transport methods. Fuel consumption and the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the environment only occur in road transport. However, in intermodal transport, goods made up of much higher capacities are transferred more advantageously: in a single rail journey, transfer levels can be realised that are achievable by several road vehicles.The exchange between logistical units in intermodal transport ensures that goods are checked more frequently and more closely, minimising the losses that may be encountered during transport.

As a Neta Logistics family, we serve our valued customers by carefully following the process from start to finish and providing instant information flow at every stage to our valued customers, so you can choose Neta Logistics for a smooth and reliable experience.