Our Global Solutions

Logistics activities are one of the most important service areas worldwide. In the globalising world, a product may need logistics activities in different parts of the world for its production and consumption stages.

Although sometimes these needs can be met with a single mode of transport, sometimes they require the use of all modes of transport in an integrated manner. Logistics companies wishing to provide a single, comprehensive service to all their customers should be able to deliver seamlessly to any area by establishing partnerships across the globe. In addition to general logistics modes, services such as city logistics, cross-shipments, intermediate transport services and warehousing should be provided and managed from a single centre.

Advanced logistics worldwide

Netamar and the group of companies it is affiliated continue to offer services in maritime, rail and road transport, which are the 4 basic transport methods in a global sense, using the many years of experience gained in these fields. Cross shipments and logistical distributions within the city can be easily provided by the Neta Group's warehouses, which provide functional services and basic modes of transport.

What distinguishes us from other companies offering national and international logistics services is our ability to offer city logistics and distribution services in different parts of the world through our local authorised agents. It is possible to work with the advanced logistics network of the Neta Group from any point in the cargo sending region to the delivery region.

Operations management based on cultural compatibility

Another global solution we offer our customers as Neta Group is to offer logistics services with a team of different cultures. As Netamar, one of our most sensitive points is to work with a team of different nationalities. Especially in our international business, a teammate who knows the region you want to send your cargo to will support you. Planning with a team that knows the destination always produces more beneficial results.

Goal-oriented service

The Neta Group, which has implemented major logistics operations, has adopted the principle of providing a service focused on customer requirements. While offering global solutions, we very carefully analyse what our customer's objective is and carry out logistics activities in all regions of the world to achieve it. In performing a focused service, one of the most important requirements is the flow of several loads from different parts of the world to a single region. Usually, the production requirements of a product or the extensive inland supply network lead to the creation of such a demand.

At this stage, Neta Group relies on safe and fast delivery to the point determined by the customer; Worldwide, many logistics activities can be carried out simultaneously.

Neta Group carries out dozens of logistical movements at the same time by carrying out targeted planning for transports that have to leave from a certain point and reach many parts of the world. We take the network of the product market far beyond the target by realising complete and fast deliveries at every point up to the capillary areas.

Competence-based logistics management service:

Neta Group provides logistics services in all modes and has a team of experts in their field. Employment is provided for each mode of transport to maintain and improve this understanding of service.

Neta Group: Netavion in air transport, Netamar in maritime transport, Netarail in rail transport and Netalog in land transport with their team of experts.

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