Transport of General Goods

General cargo is the name given to the transport of goods that do not require any special treatment in terms of transportation and storage. The term used in the maritime sector for general cargo is 'dry and clean cargo'. Cargoes that do not require care, such as perishable foodstuffs, live animals, especially dangerous goods, which are not likely to be damaged during transport except to an insignificant extent, are handled as general cargo.

The textile sector is the area where the transport of general cargo provides the most services. The fact that textiles can be transported without damage even in simple packaging and that their sensitivity level is very low have been the most important factors in their transport as 'general cargo'. Stacking methods can also be used for this type of cargo and offer convenience in terms of loading time.nel loro trasporto come ‘general cargo’.

As Neta Logistics, we have been successfully providing general cargo services to many countries and hundreds of destinations for many years due to our understanding of global service. We provide general cargo services to hundreds of companies and e-commerce companies operating in many parts of the world, such as textile companies.

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