Transport Of General Goods

Transport Of General Goods

General cargo is the name given to the transportation of goods that do not require any special treatment in terms of transportation and storage.

" As NETA LOGISTICS, we transport your cargo according to international standards."

Neta Logistics is among the reliable and leading logistics companies in the industry with its quarter century experience for the road option in general cargo transportation.

What do we do?

• After specifying the type of product/good to be transported, we determine the most suitable means of transport and offer it to our customers.

• We provide the right technical data for our customers, enabling them to access the information they need.

• We offer the best pricing options for our clients.

• We are ready to provide our customer with information at every stage; thanks to the service team throughout the transportation process.

• We finish the transport operation in a way that provides the maximum benefit to our customers with the minimum cost and in the shortest possible time.

What are we not doing

• We do not harm our customers' trust by providing incomplete or incorrect information.

• We don't hide the information our customers need

• We manage the entire transport process transparently and do not waste our customers' time and money.

• We do not leave our customers alone with the problems that may arise during transportation.