Transport of liquid goods

Transport of liquid goods

We call the transport of liquid cargoes the transport of liquid substances that have no obstacle or prohibition in this regard, unless they are in a solid state, within specific storage conditions. Because of the agents they may contain, liquids are often marked as special cargo requiring particular conditions of carriage. There are two options for road container transport for this type of cargo;

• Tanktainer

• Flexitank

The transportation process is done by deciding between these two options in line with the characteristic of the liquid cargo, based on the price or as per our clients' requests.

Petroleum products: fuel, petroleum oil, petroleum solvents; lubricants (gasoline, kerosene, fuel oil, etc.), liquefied hydrocarbon gases (propane, butane, methane, ethylene, isobutanol).

Chemicals: alkalis, acids, liquid soap, resins, adhesives, liquid latex, paraffin, detergents, concrete additives. polymers, reagents, etc.),

Food Products: Milk, dairy products, fruit juices, oil, sauces, caramel colourings.

The products of the first two categories are evaluated in 2 groups as dangerous and non-dangerous. Flammable, caustic and toxic substances and liquid gases are dangerous products.

During transportation, we take into consideration not only the above product types, but also the density, fluidity and other physicochemical parameters.

The temperature and speed conditions must also be respected during transport. Some products must be transported with escort and at limited speed. We transport liquid cargoes in full compliance with sanitary and epidemiological rules, and the legislation of countries on the shipping route.

" NETA LOGISTICS, the only address for safe transport "

Transportation of liquid cargoes should be done very gently and carefully. Neta Logistics, which considers sensitivity and care for the cargo as its fundamental value, never leaves you alone in this process and takes your burden on.