Solutions for dangerous substances

Solutions for dangerous substances

Solutions for dangerous substances

70% of transport operations take place on the road, as it can be easily done at affordable costs, it would seem a fairly obvious solution. The transport of dangerous goods also occupies an important place in road transport. As Neta Logistics, we serve our customers with our experienced and internationally certified staff.

Taking into account the potential risks posed by hazardous substances, the harm resulting from possible issues would impact not just our suppliers and customers, but also the environment, the general public, and the national services. The measures we undertake in this regard are as follows:

Neta Logistics Group of Companies bases its dangerous goods solutions in light of the responsibilities of the parties, develops them with extra services and implements them with customer specific design.

In the transport of dangerous goods by sea, both parties have both common and unique powers and responsibilities.

• Always have qualified personnel available

• Follow the current regulations on the transport of dangerous goods

• Verification of the implementation of current legislation

• Provide the necessary training so that our operations staff can always update and improve themselves.

As a logistics company that has adopted respect for nature and people, Neta Logistics pays special attention to the transportation of dangerous goods, together with general cargo. Public safety and the protection of national heritage pass through fundamental rules to be followed. Today, many companies are transporting dangerous goods, but undesirable problems can often arise due to insufficient staff training and inadequate equipment.

Neta Logistics selects its personnel and equipment very carefully so that its customers and suppliers can benefit of maximum efficiency in the transport of dangerous goods and at the same time, do not endanger its business by disposing more than sufficient human and material resources.

The main dangerous goods we carry:

• Sostanze chimiche Chemical Substances

• Sostanze radioattive Radioactive Substances


The transport of the hazardous goods is carried out by our ADR certified personnel. Prior to transfer, all possible issues that may arise during the operation are analyzed and communicated to relevant parties. A thorough risk analysis is conducted to determine the most suitable course of action, ensuring any potential problems are resolved in advance.

Neta Logistics dangerous goods transport procedures are as follows:

  1. Control of freight standards

Based on the nature of the cargo, it is determined which class it belongs to and is prepared for transportation following the appropriate procedure: checking whether appropriate stickers are available, whether stacking rules are met and whether packing materials are appropriate. It is then made ready for transport. The goal here is to provide maximum benefit within the standards and minimize risk or harm to our suppliers and customers.

2.-  Assign the right personnel to the right type of load

Confident that they have provided the correct training, Neta Logistics appoints the appropriate personnel for the load. Having the necessary certificates and updated information about the transport of dangerous goods is among the general characteristics of our personnel. The choice of operating personnel is made on the basis of the type of load they are experienced with and is aimed at providing added value.

  1. Load Transport

At Neta Logistics, we use our checklist and, if the general conditions are met, we select the most suitable destination and carry out the goods transport operation.

In this context, once the type of vehicle appropriate for the destination has been chosen, the objective is to obtain the maximum benefit, taking into account information on the load, whether it is gas or liquid or if lashing operations are necessary.


Aware of its responsibility, Neta Logistics monitors your cargo and carries out the transport process by applying appropriate methods. With its 24/7 accessible customer support network, transparent information, not avoiding liability and solution-oriented approach, it creates no additional burden for the sender.

We don't want to be a burden to you, we want to take your load! You can obtain detailed information on the transport of dangerous goods from our customer representative by clicking here.