Selection and Placement Processes

Selection and Placement Processes

Our group follows a rigorous process of selection and placement for anyone who expresses an interest in working with us, while always taking into account market demands and economic conditions.

Each CV we receive is carefully studied, enabling us to find the most suitable position based on the candidate's skills. Our group places great importance on this matter, being impartial in our approach and committed to guiding all candidates in the right direction.

Our ultimate aim is to place the right person in the right position at the right time.


• First of all, the profile(s) of the candidates must be in line with the needs of our Group.

• Our advertisements are published both on our own websites and on various active advertising sites.

• After doing the necessary reviews on incoming applications, an interview calendar is created by inviting the appropriate people.

• Interviews are done first with the HR specialist.

• The first eliminations are done in line with the results of the interviews.

• The General Manager is also included in the second interview.

• If necessary, a third interview takes place.

• Our recruitment process is completed with a bilateral agreement.

Our business skills

• Personal integrity

• Motivate employees

• Manage employees

• Employee development

• Team spirit

• Vision and Purpose

• Rigorous process follow-up

• Problem solving and decision making

• Focused on customers

• Result oriented

• Open to change and innovation

• Open to learning

• Positive business relationships

• Trust

• Analytical thinking

• Creativity